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From Rural Innovators to Global Competitors: DTAC Wangaratta's Journey to the World VEX Robotics Championships
January 24, 2024
The Digital Technologies Advisory Committee Wangaratta (DTAC Wangaratta) was established in 2016 with the goal of enhancing digital literacy and STEM knowledge.
The future of intelligent palletising
June 2, 2023
At Robotic Automation, we love a challenge and when long-standing client Arnott’s approached us to deliver a new palletising solution, we were excited!
KIBO Robot Programming Challenge
May 31, 2023
The Kibo Robot Programming Challenge is an educational program in which students solve various problems by programming free-flying robots (Astrobee and…
Human-robot Collaboration using Spoken Language
May 19, 2023
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a well-established area of multi-disciplinary research including Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence…
Human - robot collaboration in agriculture
May 19, 2023
While current monocultural farming methods have helped ensure the stability of food supplies in developed countries, this dominant way of farming has come at…
Human-Robot Collaboration in Search and Rescue
May 19, 2023
Scouting disaster-affected areas is a tricky and risky task for humans to do manually. In manual attempts, humans must carry out search and rescue operations fa
Social robots in learning experiences for adults with intellectual disability
May 19, 2023
Researchers from QUT’s Centre for Robotics are conducting real-world research in partnership with disability support organisations and their customers to develo
First self-driving trucks for Gold Fields’ underground mines
May 19, 2023
When one of the world’s largest gold miners, Gold Fields, was looking to develop a self-driving truck for their Australian underground mines. Universal Field Ro
AI crew to support astronauts in space
May 19, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) company Akin is expanding capacity in the space industry with a grant from the Australian Space Agency’s International Space Inv
Enabling automation and driverless vehicles through positioning
May 19, 2023
The availability of mass-market high precision positioning has given rise to a slew of new, innovative applications across automotive, industrial, and consumer
Next-gen robotic arm prototype tested locally for Moon and Mars
May 19, 2023
A local AI automation and robotics company has tested a next-gen robotic arm for space. It has the potential for use in a future NASA Moon mission and even on M
Automating Australian mine trucks in Western Australia
May 19, 2023
Intelligent positioning solutions provider, Position Partners, has an agreement with MACA, a leading diversified contracting group, to automate a mixed fleet of
Robotic line marker shaves weeks of work for Brisbane Airport’s second runway
May 16, 2023
Putting the final touches on the $1.1 billion Brisbane Airport second runway project involves marking out all of the line work on the runway for pilots and othe
SwarmFarm Robotics
May 16, 2023
SwarmFarm Robotics is a genuine word leader in autonomous agricultural robots and is one of the first companies, globally to deliver robots into the hands of co
Orbilift Stair-climbing Technology
May 16, 2023
Our company has developed a new type of stair-climbing technology. We named it “Orbilift”. It provides a “mobility base” for a variety of robotic devices. When
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) used to inspect subsea pipelines
May 11, 2023
An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) is an unmanned vehicle designed to perform various underwater tasks, such as surveying, mapping, and inspecting subsea st
Brisbane Grammar School Robotics
May 11, 2023
At Brisbane Grammar School, we offer our students a range of opportunities to experience and build robots beyond their regular curriculum. Over 150 boys are cur
BLKtatu Drone Delivery
May 11, 2023
We are attempting to build a drone delivery network much like Google wing however we are delivering to dedicated delivery catchment sites that can be easily mou
Ripe Robotics Autonomous Apple Picker
May 8, 2023
Ripe Robotics designs, builds, and operates robots that pick apples and stone fruit. Our goal is to expand into adjacent opportunities (analysis, sorting, pruni
AUV62 Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Target
April 27, 2023
BlueZone is contracted to Saab Australia to manage operations, maintenance and repair for the Royal Australian Navy’s AUV62 ASW Training Target. “The result has
Automation of autonomous haulage vehicles
April 27, 2023
Baraja partnered with Hitachi Construction Machinery to provide our LIDAR sensor for their 500-ton trucks, used at a site in Queensland. With their previous LID