SwarmFarm Robotics

SwarmFarm Robotics is a genuine word leader in autonomous agricultural robots and is one of the first companies, globally to deliver robots into the hands of commercial farmers.

To date, SwarmFarm robots have commercially farmed over 1.4 million acres of cropping land and removed the usage of over 800 tons of pesticide from the environment.

The company is based in the heart of an agricultural farming region and is deeply immersed in agriculture.

SwarmFarm is an “end to end’ company and has developed all of its own software & code base, designs, prototypes and builds its own range of farm robots, and sells and supports robots directly to farmers.

The company has backing from leading Australian and North American venture capital investors including Tenacious Ventures, Artesian Ventures, The Grain Innovate Fund and Emmertech (Canada).

SwarmFarm Robotics is an emerging Australian manufacturer and actively growing its manufacturing capabilities and skills base. In 2023 SwarmFarm will export its first robots into the North American market.

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SwarmFarm Robotics is a agricultural robotics company based out in Regional Australia. The company currently employs 25 people and is currently recruiting another 15 people into new positions. The company was started in 2014