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Strategic partnership with Planar Motors Inc. (PMI) enhances B&R’s adaptive machine offering, integrating PMI’s new production technology milestone in open, adaptive manufacturing

Robotics Australia Network

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Jaydev Desai has been helping lead the scientific exchange and events of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society for nearly two decades, devoting countless hours to create what he called “top-notch” programs for his colleagues worldwide. This year, the society

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Robotics Australia Network updated their status.

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Robotics Australia Network

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Robotics Australia Network

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Robotics Australia Network

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Is the DoF forum only for serious robotics topics? Not at all! A bunch of fun and unusual discussions in the community have come up in the forum's history.

Robotics Australia Network

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Microsoft deployed everything from new sets of best practices to role-playing exercises and employee performance goals to help develop AI that's more responsible and inclusive.

Robotics Australia Network

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David, one of our integration coach, answers the question: do I need a camera for my application? .Want to start a conversation or ask a question that you'd ...

The Robotics Australia Network is a not-for-profit peak body established to facilitate the growth of a sustainable and internationally competitive national robotics industry.

We present a unified representation of the robotics community and focus on the development of national policies and strategies. We represent the creators of robotics and robotics-related technologies, integrators, users, researchers, educators, students, adopters and enthusiasts.

Statistics show robotics in Australia has greater than…

Companies in Australia with robotics capability

# people employed by these companies

Billion $AUD value added to the Australian economy

Source: Robotics Roadmap for Australia 2018

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Robotic companies with global ambitions looking for investment from a VC? Hear from Main Sequence Ventures Mike Zimmerman to unpick some of the myths around hardware investment, the importance of referrals and the need for a $100m revenue plan. #robotics #innovation #startup #investment
#venturecapital #funding #australia Nathan Kirchner Paul Lucey Sharna Glover Dr Joe Cronin Christian Ruberg Kathie van Vugt Lucy Peacey Anne Elvin

13 October 2020


Robotics Australia Group encourages robotics sector to complete new Government survey Australia’s peak body for the robotics industry, Robotics Australia Group (RAG) has encouraged creators of robotics and robotics-related technology to complete the Australian Government’s new survey of Australia’s Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Capability. Stemming from the National Meeting of Digital Economy and Technology Ministers in May, the survey will inform the development of a national Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems Capability Map. Once completed, the Map will be provided to Australia’s digital economy and technology Ministers and agencies to highlight areas of strength and expertise to drive greater collaboration domestically and inform the promotion of Australia as a key location for research, development and commercialisation.

Australia’s 2018 Robotics Roadmap was a first attempt to define Australia’s capability in robotics and related technologies, quantifying its value in terms of revenue and jobs. Launched at Parliament House in Canberra by the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, the roadmap demonstrated how robotics and related technologies can influence every sector of the Australian economy. Robotics Australia Group are now creating an updated edition of the roadmap, to raise the profile of robotics in Australia, to identify the challenges and opportunities available for robotics in this country and to highlight our accomplishments in the creation and application of robotics technologies. The aim of the roadmap is to create an ecosystem that supports the robotics talent and technology we develop to remain here in Australia and build global capability.


We need your support to make this happen. For a limited time we are offering a unique opportunity for you to showcase your leadership in robotics by sponsoring the roadmap.

Recap! Watch the recorded webinars.

Robotics Australia Network: Where are we now? Webinar recorded 8th September 2020.

Recorded webinars from a variety of robotics sectors, recorded throughout 2020


International Alliance of Robotics Associations is an international robot technology cooperation and coordination organization, initiated by robotics associations from different countries and regions.

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Queensland Robotics Cluster Muster 

Streamed live on Sep 16, 2020
Nicci Rossouw

“Where are we with robotics in Australia?”

Nicci Rossouw, CEO and Founder of Exaptec – specialising in telepresence, social and educational robots!

Nicci Video

Exaptec CEO Nicci Rossouw talks robotics, STEM, challenges during her career, how she relaxes and more with Dr Sue Keay! To contact Dr Keay, email her at

Get Involved!! 2nd Robotics Roadmap for Australia.

You can contribute too!! Take the survey!!

Robotics Roadmap v.1

Join Andra Keay’s discussions about robots.

COVID 19, Robots and us.

Silicon Valley Robotics is home to the world’s most innovative robots and robot research. We have more than 50 research labs and almost 50% of the global robotics startup funding happens here. Plus my office is here at Circuit Launch, a hardware cowork space or accelerator. Plus we have great visitors from overseas. So now that I’m not organizing as many events, I’m going to get more videos online here on our new YouTube channel.

March 24 2020

Weekly discussion with guests: Gui Cavalcanti (Breeze Automation & Open Source Covid-19 Medical Supplies), Tra Vu (COO Ohmnilabs & Kambria), Alder Riley (ideastostuff & Helpful Engineering), Mark Martin (Director Industry/Workforce Development CCC), Prof Ken Goldberg (CITRIS People & Robots Lab). Moderated by Andra Keay (Silicon Valley Robotics) with help from Erin Pan (Silicon Valley Robotics) and Beau Ambur (Kickstarter).

March 31 2020

guests are: Robin Murphy, Ratheon Professor at Texas A&M and rescue robotics expert; Ross Mead, CEO of Semio and social roboticist; Wendy Ju, Associate Professor at Cornell and interaction design expert; Cory Kidd, CEO of Catalia Health; Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative at UC Berkeley; Jessica Armstrong, SuitX and local coordinator Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies; moderated by Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics.

April 7 2020

guest expert speakers: Linda Pouliot, CEO of Dishcraft Robotics Vipin Jain, CEO of Blendid Rich Stump, Principal at Studio Fathom Mark Martin, Industry & Workforce Development California Community Colleges and Bay Area Manufacturing Discussion Forum Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative and William S. Lloyd Jr Distinguished Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley Moderated by Andra Keay, Silicon Valley Robotics

April 14 2020

guest speakers: Rachel McCrafty Sadd of #distillmyheart, Robin Murphy Rescue Robotics Expert and Raytheon Professor at Texas A&M University Missy Cummings, Robot Safety Expert at Duke University Rex St John, ARM IoT Ecosystem Evangelist Michael Sayre, CEO at Cognicept Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative and William S. Floyd Jr Distinguished Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley

April 21 2020

guests are: Melonee Wise from Fetch Robotics, Eric Bennett from Frontier Bio, Tom Low from SRI International and Ken Goldberg from CITRIS CPAR and UC Berkeley, moderated by Andra Keay from Silicon Valley Robotics.

April 28 2020

with focus this week on privacy, law and regulations, with guests: Sue Keay, Director of Research CyberPhysical Systems CSIRO’s Data-61 Michael Froomkin, Distinguished Professor of Law at U of Miami Ryan Calo, Associate Professor of Law at U of Washington Chelsey Colbert, Privacy Counsel at Future of Privacy Forum Robin Murphy, Rescue Robotics Expert & Robotics for Infectious Diseases Org Roy Kornbluh, Principal Research Engineer at SRI International Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative at UC.

May 5 2020

guests are: Ian Bernstein, Founder of Misty Robotics & Sphero Katherine Scott, Open Robotics Nikolaus Correll, Founder Robotic Materials Rikke Rasmussen, Liquid Handling Engineer Pivot Bio Jessica Armstrong, Coord OSMS & Helpful Engineering Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative at UC.

May 12 2020

Guest speakers are: David Crawley, Founder Ubiquity Robotics Dale Dougherty, Founder Make Magazine & Maker Faire Alder Riley, Coord Helpful Engineering & Founder ideastostuff Tra Vu, COO OhmniLabs Mark Martin, Directory of Industry & Workforce Development CCC Ken Goldberg, Director of CITRIS People and Robots Initiative at UC moderated by Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics

Society, Robots & Us.

Following our “COVID-19, Robots and Us” series, we’re continuing the conversation about important robotics topics and socio-technical issues. We’ll be inviting domain experts and interesting thinkers to discuss topics relating to robotics innovation, commercialization and inclusivity.

June 16 2020 we’re talking about robotics and racism.

July 1 2020 we’re talking about Killer robots.


August 24 2020 we’re talking about open problems for robots in food supply chain.

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