Orbilift Stair-climbing Technology

Our company has developed a new type of stair-climbing technology. We named it “Orbilift”. It provides a “mobility base” for a variety of robotic devices. When applied to wheelchairs, Orbilift makes the built environment of towns and cities fully accessible.

An Orbilift wheelchair looks like a normal, motorised wheelchair as it rolls along. But when it gets to a stair, it converts to climbing-mode. When it finishes climbing, it converts back to rolling-mode, so it can keep rolling along.

How is it novel?
The invention provides continuous, four-point stability, as the mechanism climbs. This allows the payload to be carried safely and gently. Nothing similar exists on the market.

What problem does it solve?
Every step, stair and kerb in the environment, represents a failure point for wheelchair users, as they try to go about their daily business. With Orbilift, we can now solve that problem.

Orbilift provides the missing link in the environment, connecting thousands of places previously not accessible. We think that once a wheelchair user swaps from a conventional wheelchair to an Orbilft, they will never go back to their old wheelchair.

Orbilift can also be used on other transport devices, such as mobility scooters, motorised trolleys and robotic devices, such as delivery robots, surveillance robots and home-assistant robots.

The Orbilift invention is protected by patent-filings in multiple jurisdictions, globally.

Submitted by:
Sydney-based start-up robotics company, 5 years old.