US-Australia Partnership to Grow Robotics Industry

Silicon Valley Robotics and Robotics Australia Group have formed a partnership to support robotics companies to grow and scale. The United States – Australia Robotics Partnership (USARP) supports the development, commercialisation, scaling and adoption of robotics for the benefit of both countries.

The partnership will support the robotics industry in both countries to:
• Increase collaboration and communication between US and Australian robotics clusters;
• Extend support available for robotics companies looking to grow and scale globally;
• Advocate for increased adoption of robotic and automation solutions and support for both start-ups and integrators;
• Explore opportunities for market entry and investment in both the US and Australia.

“The rapid expansion of robotics in both the U.S. and Australia represents an opportunity to ensure that both countries benefit from creating and adopting robotic technologies. Supporting each nations’ robotics companies and integrators will increase economic productivity and sustainability,” said Andra Keay, managing director, Silicon Valley Robotics. “The United States is a global leader in robotics, automation and AI, thanks to strategic investment and this can be amplified by strategic partnerships.”

With the goal to build sustainable robotics industries in each country, USARP is looking to drive:
• More capital investment into robotics;
• More people working in robotics;
• More companies exporting and scaling;
• More companies adopting robotics;
• More recognition of the robotics industry in the community.

“Australia’s robotics industry is perfectly positioned, with our government about to release our first National Robotics Strategy, to learn from and add real value to the US robotics ecosystem,” said Nicci Rossouw, CEO, Robotics Australia Group. “With both countries facing similar issues such as labour shortages, aging populations, unequal access to healthcare, especially for rural and remote communities, as well as the devastating impacts of climate change, it makes sense to share our robotics solutions.”

The U.S. robotics industry represents the fastest geography for growth and activity in the world. In 2023, robotics and automation investment in the U.S. exceeded $20 billion, 60 percent of the global investment total. While the robotics industry in Australia is still quite nascent, its focus on developing field robotic solutions for the agriculture, mining, construction, healthcare and defence sectors, expands the range of robotic solutions available to overcome current challenges. Robotics Australia Group has grown tenfold over the last two years.

The United States – Australia Robotics Partnership will meet in May this year and will aim to showcase both countries respective robotics industries at an Industry and Entrepreneurship workshop at the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction HRI2025 in Melbourne in March 2025.