RAG Strikes New Global Partnership with Canadian Robotics Organisation

Robotics Australia Group is pleased to welcome its latest Global Partner, Canadian non-profit organisation, the Urban Robotics Foundation (URF).

URF managing director Lee St James says the new partnership will help to expand the global reach of URF’s stakeholder community, strengthening both organisations and enhance the value of membership in both organisations.

“Members will have an opportunity to learn from each other with access to the latest research, whitepapers, webinars and podcasts. In addition, members will receive a 20 per-cent discount on event registration fees and publications from the partner organisation,” she says.

Nicci Rossouw, board member and CEO of the Robotics Australia Group, has welcomed the partnership and says it will provide strategic introductions and deployment opportunities for the group’s members and help to raise global awareness of the Robotics Australia Network.

Robotics Australia Group board of directors chair, Dr Sue Keay, says the partnership underscores RAG’s commitment to working globally to grow the robotics industry here in Australia.

"We are committed to building a sustainable robotics industry in Australia by supporting the entire robotics ecosystem, from the companies [that are] building robots to those researching and developing new technologies, robotics educators and enthusiasts, and the companies looking to adopt robots and robotics-related technologies."

About URF:

URF is a global, membership-supported non-profit collaborative with headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Their goal is to help prepare cities and public facility operators for the arrival of Publicarea Mobile Robots (PMRs) by sharing best practices and building a global network of people focused on learning how PMRs can contribute to improved livability in urban ecosystems. Use cases for PMRs include last-mile/sidewalk delivery, property maintenance, safety/surveillance, follow-me, personal assistance, etc.

As part of their work, URF is drafting a new global technical deployment standard: ISO-4448 Intelligent transport systems: PMRs and automated pathway devices (expected to be published by ISO starting in 2024). URF is also writing a series of three publications that will help prepare municipalities and public facilities for pilot testing and deployment of PMRs and other mobility innovations: an Executive Guide, Discovery Guide, and a Project Guide. URF offers webinars, workshops, and advisory services to help maximise the promised benefits of these technologies and help stakeholders anticipate and minimise any unintended consequences during pilot testing and early deployment. www.urbanroboticsfoundation.org