Freelance Robotics Receives Grant to Automate Mango Harvest

Freelance Robotics, a Queensland engineering firm providing cutting-edge robotic solutions, has secured over $760,000 from the Department of Industry, Science and Resources to automate the mango harvesting process. This grant, combined with matched funding from the company to a total $1.5 million budget, will propel the commercialization of two groundbreaking systems. The Orion mango crop load estimator utilizes advanced algorithms and vision technology to assess the crop load across the flower and fruit stages on the same tree, enabling growers to optimize resource allocation and improve yield predictions.

The second Orion product, an auto harvester, is a state-of-the-art robotic system designed to automate the labor-intensive process of picking ripe mangoes with precision and care. “Both the Orion crop load estimator and auto harvester have been developed in close collaboration with industry partners and feedback from on-farm trials, ensuring they meet the specific needs of mango growers,” says Freelance Robotics Chief Executive Officer William Pagnon. “These solutions look to greatly enhance the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of mango farming operations across the country.”

Read the media release in full here.