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A friendly chat with local Venture Capital

Why is it so ‘hard’ for Australian companies seeking capital investment in robotics to secure support? Why won’t venture capital in Australia that has a particular interesting robotics & robotics related technologies fund the world leading technologies emerging right here? Why don’t we invest more into our home grown excellence?

Robotics Australia Network is committed to unpacking & challenging this for our Network of members over a series of casual chats with key players to gauge the realness of the claim that funds & appetite to invest into homegrown technologies exist, & to get direct feedback into how we can make Australian robotics opportunities more investable!

In this chat we talk to Mike Ferrari who is a Managing Director at InQTel, a global strategic Venture Capital firm with an office in Sydney. Mike has very kindly given us some of his time to provide insights into the landscape from a very successful local investor’s perspective.

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