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– A once in a lifetime opportunity to show your leadership in Australia’s robotics community

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For a limited time we are offering a unique opportunity for you to become a foundation member of the Robotics Australia Network.

The purpose of the National Robotics Network will be to drive uptake of robotic technology and accelerate the growth of our domestic robotics industry. An advanced manufacturing and technology industry that will design, build, deploy and service advanced robotic systems for domestic and international consumption. As a foundation member you will be recognised in perpetuity for your leadership in bringing the nation’s robotics community together and providing them with a voice. You will be recognised on the Robotics Australia Network website and promotional material and will enjoy your first year of network membership free when the network is ready to accept members. Contact us now for information on how to take advantage of this unique opportunity in the history of Australian robotics by emailing




Robotics Statistics

Statistics show robotics in Australia has >

Companies in Australia with robotics capability

# people employed by these companies

Billion $AUD value added to the Australian economy

Source: Robotics Roadmap for Australia 2018





 Foundation Membership


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About Robotics Australia Group

Robotics Australia Group is an incorporated not-for-profit entity formed to create the Robotics Australia Network on behalf of the robotics community of Australia.

Our Vision is to build a sustainable robotics industry in Australia by supporting the entire robotics ecosystem, from the companies building robots, to those researching and developing new robotic technologies, robotics educators and enthusiasts, and the companies looking to adopt robots and robotic-related technologies.

  • As the peak body for robotics in Australia, Robotics Australia Group (RAG) was established to facilitate the growth of a sustainable and internationally competitive national robotics industry.
  • RAG will align current robotics activity and create a focussed, collaborative approach between industry, research, government, start-ups, investment and education to build a robust and worldclass robotics ecosystem.


Dr Sue Keay

Chair, Robotics Australia Group Board

M. 0408 778 667


Robotics Australia Group Ltd ABN 45 641 189 568

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