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Follow-up Infrastructure Workshop!

Australian Robotics Roadmap

Invitation to Infrastructure Sector Workshop – Register Your Interest – Robotics Roadmap for Australia

Presenters: Mary McGeoch, Lendlease. Professor Sarath Kodagoda, UTS. Dr Tirtha Bandyopadhyay, CSIRO.

Location: Webinar


We are holding a series of workshops nation-wide to progress the second edition of the Robotics Roadmap for Australia, looking at the impact of robotics and related technologies on the Infrastructure sector in Australia. The first Robotics Roadmap highlighted the potential for $AU23 billion global market for robotics and autonomous systems by 2025.
In this workshop, we will discuss the question of Where are we now? Do we need major changes? and The 10 things we can do to increase deliver and adoption. Here we try to identity our approach to above questions acknowledging that many aspects can be common to other sectors as well. The outcome of this workshop will contribute to the Infrastructure section of the 2nd Australian Robotics Roadmap, and those who attend or interested will be asked, if willing, to provide a 200-300 word response to above questions based on their experiences to add more depth to the Roadmap


Tuesday 22nd September 2020


1200 – 1220: Where are we now? Mary McGeoch

1215 – 1240: Do we need major changes? Sarath Kodagoda

1230 – 1300: The 10 things we can do to increase deliver and adoption. Tirtha Bandyopadhyay


For your reference Click here to download the first edition Robotics Road Map for Australia 2018 

Or follow this link:

There is still time to contribute through our survey

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